Monday, 6 January 2014

seo strategy for 2014 (part 2)

Strategy number 2:

This strategy involves buying domains, then building high pr back links using gsa search engine ranker and then renting those links to seo clients. The importance of this strategy is to make the links contextual and to make the relevant in common niches that seo’s like. We start general niches like weight loss then niche down into sub-niches. For this strategy, general blogs will not cut it as they will ‘polute’ our efforts and also reduce expected profits

We will initially use Go daddy to buy our first few domains, using their discount coupons and using the whois privacy to reduce the footprint and avoid any Google penalty. We will put them on cheap $1 hosting packages and try to use fake names. To further reduce the Google footprint we going to use different payment processors on each hosting packages.

We expect this strategy to take at least 3-4months.  This is because it takes google time to update pr, it usually happens at an unexpected time. The most important part of our link building, is that we develop a solid and strong link profile that our clients will be happy with. The solid link profile will ensure it will be easy to sell our blog network in the future.

 We want a ‘natural looking’,‘safe’ and ‘diverse’ link profile that will stay under google’s radar. We are going to implement ron’s linkbuilding format in gsa search engine ranker and limit to under 100 links a day in our tier1

This format uses a safe link strategy and eliminates the non contextual links in tier1, the weaker links are then used in the last tiers to support the stronger links. To diversify our anchor text, it would be better to use ‘contextual’ anchor text rather than the generic anchor texts. For example in the weight loss niche anchortext keywords would be {weight loss|fat loss|fast weight loss|calories} etc. Its beter to use the google keyword planner to help you get at least 1000 anchor text keywords. Using as many anchor texts as possible helps you to diversify anchor text ratio.

we are going to add content every 2-4 days during the first 2 months using pages rather than posts, using the silo structure. our content will be specific to a sub-niche, eg yoga for weight loss in the weight loss niche, or a finance niche.  We are going to add each post to gsa every week to get a more natural linking profile

we are going to use to sell our links. we expect to sell each link for $5-$10 if we have a pr4 domain

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